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Two Dancers with Instructors
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adaptive dance classes

What do dancers do in class? They dance! 

Dancing Dreams adaptive classes are open to boys and girls ages 3-21 with physical and medical challenges that preclude them from participating in “community” dance classes. Classes meet weekly at three sites and are taught by pediatric physical or occupational therapists which enables us to adapt activities to meet the unique needs of each dancer.


Our motto: “Everyone pliés, they just do it in their own way.”


Dancers are exposed to ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop dance styles. Every dancer is assigned a high school “Helper”- a volunteer who assists the dancer during classes and performances. Over 180 teens are currently enrolled in our Teen Leadership Program. Each year culminates in our Annual Performance - a celebration of the achievements of our participants.

Dancing Dreams Girl with Volunteer

who can enroll and where are the classes

Dancing Dreams is based on abilities—not disabilities. This allows each dancer to advance within his or her own limits and maximize their own potential.


Dancers come from all over the tristate region to participate in weekly classes at our Bayside (Queens), Upper East Side (Manhattan), and Plainview (Long Island) locations.

Any child who is physically or medically challenged with a dream to dance!


teen leadership program

Volunteer “Helpers” assist dancers during classes and performances and attend workshops designed to improve leadership skills. Helpers must be between the ages of 13-18 years old and willing to make a one hour commitment each week from September through May. 

Our teen volunteers help turn dreams into reality for our dancers while increasing their own self esteem and leadership skills through their participation in our Leadership Program.

Dancing Dreams Volunteers
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